Sideline Pass is an organization Jennifer formed in 2015 to mentor young women and aspiring journalists through both outreaches and seminars. Sideline Pass works in two ways, in the community and in the classroom.

The Sideline Pass Foundation, the community outreach portion, works under Pierre Thomas' ICan Foundation to inspire and guide young athletes and foster girls throughout the greater New Orleans area. Sideline Pass takes our girls on various outings - such as rock climbing, bowling, museums and sporting events - where our girls interact with our mentors to learn about their career paths. Sideline Pass also hosts college preparatory dinners and holiday toy drives, along with Project Prom, which allows our girls to choose their own prom dresses and accoutrements.

Sideline Pass also conducts seminars for aspiring sports journalists at college campuses across the country. Jennifer offers both co-ed courses on how to break into the business, as well as seminars for girls-only focusing on how to succeed in a male-dominated world. Tuition fees help support Sideline Pass' community outreaches.

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