Once the center of agricultural prosperity in Alabama, the rich soil of the Black Belt still features beautiful homes that stand as a testimony to the region's proud heritage. Join author Jennifer Hale as she explores the history of seventeen of the finest plantation homes in Alabama's Black Belt. This book chronicles the original owners and slaves of the homes and traces their descendants, who have continued to call these plantations home throughout the past two centuries. Discover why the families of an Indian chief and a chief justice feuded for over a century about the land on which Belvoir stands. Follow Gaineswood's progress as it grew from a humble log cabin into an opulent mansion. Learn how the original builder and subsequent owners of the Kirkwood Mansion are linked by a legacy of exceptional and dedicated preservation. Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt recounts the elegant past and hopeful future of a well-loved region of the South.

"Through these pages, Jennifer helps people to see these architectural gems in a more complete and human way. She expounds not only on the actual building and design of these structures, but also wraps them in a tapestry of the families' lives of yesterday who struggled to build them and those of today who sacrifice to keep this architectural history alive." — Chris Cooper, Silent In the Land